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Management of your investments:

Summit Realty Group LLC provides asset management services for private investors. We consider all investment opportunities with a focus on residential real estate. As an investment manager, we strive to find the most attractive investment opportunities for our clients, taking into account each individuals goals and expectations.

Additionally, we offer building management services to all our clients. We understand that typical investors will prefer to be "hands off" in the daily management of their rental property. While the client always has the option to seek an independent property management firm, we believe that our insight and experience will maximize returns for the investor.

Management for your building:

As a management company, we handle the day-to-day responsibilities of a property owner including rent collection, maintenance, and administrative duties. In addition to the traditional services offered by a management company, we focus primarily on the improvement of overall operating efficiencies. Our intent is to maximize income by reducing operating costs.

Services included:

  1. Collect and deposit rent

  2. Monthly reconciliation of accounts to ensure transparency

  3. Market available units and screen for new tenants

  4. Handle apartment registration, lease renewals, rent increases, and all other administrative duties

  5. Coordinate repairs and maintenance

  6. Implement computerized management software:

  7. -Tenant filing system

  8. -Utility monitoring and control systems

  9. -Security monitoring systems

  10. Perform audit of building’s overall utility usage

Differentiating factors:

  1. More hands on exposure than traditional management companies

  2. Improve operating efficiencies vs. maintaining status quo operations:

  3. -Examples include heat and water usage audits

  4. -Daily monitoring of heat and water systems to provide benchmarking for potential future improvements

  5. Ability to leverage network of affiliated properties


Reduced costs through improved operating efficiency drives long-term profit growth